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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Top 40 Insurers: Health Maintenance Organization 2016

Health Maintenance Organization
Top 40 Insurers: Health Maintenance Organization
Total Top 40 Health Maintenance Organizations17,908,118,62299.88%
All Other Health Maintenance Organizations22,223,4050.12%
Total Health Maintenance Organizations17,930,342,027100.00%
95314Amerigroup Texas, Inc.12,375,319,24813.25%
95174Unitedhealthcare Benefits of Texas, Inc.22,280,564,36012.72%
95647Superior Healthplan, Inc.31,580,722,7818.82%
12902Healthspring Life & Health Insurance Company, Inc.      41,419,788,3217.92%
11141Unitedhealthcare Community Plan of Texas, L.L.C.51,186,356,2166.62%
95024Humana Health Plan of Texas, Inc.61,167,851,6906.51%
10757Molina Healthcare of Texas, Inc.71,162,075,4136.48%
95329Texas Children's Health Plan, Inc.8745,989,2324.16%
95490Aetna Health Inc.9711,975,1003.97%
95615Community Health Choice, Inc.10631,091,0513.52%
10096Selectcare of Texas, Inc.11614,712,8923.43%
95099Scott and White Health Plan12566,424,6883.16%
95414Parkland Community Health Plan, Inc.,
A Program of Dallas County Hospital District
95138SHA, L.L.C.14418,583,9232.33%
11494Physicians Health Choice of Texas, LLC15413,008,6502.30%
95809Driscoll Children's Health Plan16291,064,0601.62%
95248Community First Health Plans, Inc.17260,831,7451.45%
12827KS Plan Administrators, LLC18259,633,5301.45%
95822Cook Children's Health Plan19239,791,4611.34%
12964Wellcare of Texas, Inc.20156,140,4010.87%
12151Arcadian Health Plan, Inc.21139,820,7000.78%
52635El Paso First Health Plans, Inc.22126,624,5760.71%
70670Blue Cross And Blue Shield of Texas,
A Division of Health Care Service Corporation
95383Cigna Healthcare Of Texas, Inc.2496,791,2630.54%
95799Valueoptions of Texas, Inc.2573,330,3470.41%
10768Selectcare Health Plans, Inc.2653,954,5750.30%
13636Universal HMO of Texas, Inc.2747,062,1180.26%
95240Seton Health Plan, Inc.2841,099,0910.23%
95910Aetna Dental Inc.2936,479,2900.20%
95161Denticare, Inc.3032,796,5550.18%
95037Cigna Dental Health of Texas, Inc.3132,311,8620.18%
14151Sendero Health Plans, Inc.3222,040,0570.12%
14154Christus Health Plan3317,943,8540.10%
95251National Pacific Dental, Inc.3415,079,2960.08%
12282Humana Regional Health Plan, Inc.3512,987,6410.07%
95051Safeguard Health Plans, Inc.3611,168,4060.06%
95387Block Vision of Texas, Inc.3711,090,9490.06%
12346Valley Baptist Insurance Company3810,432,1200.06%
95163Alpha Dental Programs, Inc.399,025,1590.05%
95142United Dental Care of Texas, Inc.408,363,3270.05%

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